Christmas Decorating Favorites

Most of us have traditions surrounding our holiday decorating. In our family, we take out all our Spode Christmas dishware, fill up some of the mugs with hot chocolate and marshmallows, crank up the Christmas music, and begin unpacking all the boxes of holiday decor. Some years we start with the tree; some years we set out all the Santas first. But a few years ago, I made a point to include my camera in the festivities.

You may not have a fancy professional camera, but get out the camera you do have (your phone) and make sure to capture those moments this year.

Here are some tips to remember!

1) Don't forget those detail shots: Little hands holding shiny ornaments, close ups of faces lit by twinkling branches, etc.

2) Get in front of the camera yourself! Let your little ones play photographer see the creative shots they take.

3) Use natural light as much as you can to capture clean images without the overhead light, which often causes unnatural shadows and a yellow tone.

In no order, here are some of my favorite shots from the last three years of Christmas at the White House!